Night Time

I love the night. I am a huge night owl, I get more done in the hours of 5pm to 10pm then I do in the day. Which many people find odd. I think it is because that’s also the hardest part of the day for me. It’s when the dark thoughts see your shields are down and then decide to attack. They creep their way into your mind making you worry about something that might have happened years ago. It drives me crazy because I  have no way to stop it. I have a few tricks that I have picked up over the years to keep me distracted.

I read until I can barely keep my eyes open.

I listen to music. (My therapist said this isn’t the best can your mind can still wander)

I draw what I am feeling – and I am not an artist by any means I mean I can draw stick people and flowers.

But the best one I have found for me is writing. I write everything that is running in my mind and don’t stop until I have nothing else to write. It helps get the thoughts out in the “open” but no one sees them. As Atticus said in his book “Lover Her Wild”  “Some words are safer on paper”

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