*Disclamer Mild self harm*
I went on a road trip with a friend and her family. No big deal just a few hours away but for some reason, I was super anxious. Maybe we were going down to see her grandparents or this was my first big road trip with out any family but I noticed something about me. As my friend stopped talking to me cause she was anxious. We seem to flock together. I was super anxious and nervous and just wanted to go home. My mind had taken a wrong turn and was no longer in the good part of town. I was anxious about everything, from how her grandparents would see me right down to how I was breathing. I was a mess. I had felt like I had gone back to square one. Which I did not want to be back in the square. So I dug my nails into my hand. I was making a fist. So it wasn’t noticeable to anyone else but me, it hurt and it distracted me from my anxiety. Which was I needed at the time, and all that weekend if I felt anxious I would make a fist and the pain would distract me. And now I seem to do it all the time. Which isn’t good cause this is not a healthy way of coping but it sure is a quick fix.

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