For All My Flaws

I have this one really big worry. It seems kind of shallow when I think about it but yet, I still worry about it. I am scared that no one will ever love me with all my flaws and scares. When I tell that special someone how mind turns on itself and cause my body to react in the worst ways. I am scared that they will walk away. They will suddenly leave, and leave me crushed. I like to think I am a realist and I know that real life is not like the books I read. With the happy endings where the guy automatically accepts the girl, or vice versa. I know because I have seen people pull away from me when I say I have anxiety. Not necessarily in a bad way but they never really look at me the same. Some do, especially my friends who know what it is like to deal with internal war that goes on each day. I just don’t want that someone who I really care about to leave over that one thing. Over that monster that will never leave.

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